Journal of Genetics, Genomics and Plant Breeding

ISSN (Online) : 2581-3293

Archive Issue

1 (1) 2017, AUGUST,2017

Pages: 32-35

Genetic diversity and characterization of pigeonpea germplasm

Author: M. Ramesh

Category: Plant breeding

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The study is planned to study variability, genetic divergence and characterization of pigeonpea germplasm at Regional Agricultural Research Station, Palem. Two genotypes i.e. RG-183 and RG-189 recorded white colour and the same genotypes are identified as high yielder too. While other genotypes are light, reddish or dark brown in colour These traits can be used for identifying individual germplasm. Ten genotypes were grouped into two major clusters. Five genotypes grouped under Ist cluster and the another five genotypes grouped under IInd cluster. RG-189,185,192,190 and 193 falls under first cluster while RG-183,191,186,187 and 184 falls under another cluster. Based on per se performance genotype viz., RG-185 RG-183, RG-189 and RG-192 recorded highest yield per hector and medium duration genotype recorded as RG-187 and 190. Hence, it can be considered that high yielding genotypes are grouped under Ist cluster while in second cluster medium yielding genotypes are grouped representing high genetic diversity among the germplasm.

Keywords: Pigeonpea, germplasm, genetic diversity, yield